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They called me on my mobile. Do not know where they got by number from.


I am so angry, I am constantly called by this phone number! Really annoying!


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Man called saying he was from computer somewhere and there was a problem. Called ID said Martin Grace and I hung up


I am really mad, this number always calls on Saturday mornings when I want to sleep!


Do not answer if this number calls. Non-serious and extremely pushy!


I am being called by this phone number almost every day now, I only answered once and never again. But they are keep trying - unbelievable!!!


I do not want to write anything bad here, but I do not know this telephone number and so I do not need that.


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They called twice in ten minutes. Caller ID Unknown Name, no message. If you're not doing anything wrong why hide your identity.


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Called and asked me if I was a home owner. Sounded like it was from a pay phone. Lot of noise in background.


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Had a missed call from this number.I called it back and it says the person at extension 7006 is unavailable at this time please leave a message....


Those people are fraud do not believe they are with apple support because they are not the manager and ceo are also the customer service reps


I do not answer the house telephone any more for a long time now. If someone needs me, they have my mobile number.


Extraordinary phone terror! I keep getting called by this number but nobody answers!