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purchase a website from large company's and will get a percentage of income for one year. Must pay $1500.00 plus other fees.


also related to; "315-670-7434". "level 3" are scumbags that ARE making money every time these thieving losers "get a sucker" on the line. prosecute "LEVEL 3".


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I always have voice messages on my answering machine from this number. But I am not interested.


Telephone harrassment or serious?


I am reporting this number here now, I am so annoyed. I hope it helps.


Just rang once and then hung up. I did not want to call back.


This caller does not give up. Well, I am not at home when they are calling, but this number occurs on my telephone display every now and then


Call was a "poll" --- but actually a push poll said they were calling from "Opinion Services: a consumer opinion services firm" went on to tell my why Rent Control was a terrible thing and asked me how I felt about it. I asked them to disclose the name of the company and what city it was based in and they ended the call


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Hacked onto my computer, do not believe them!


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I just let it ring. I think this is nothing serious.


If you take up the phone nobody is in the line anymore. It is not worth calling back.


When I get home from work, there is always some new number on the telephone. I really do not know what is their benefit from that. Every one knows that it is a promitional call - or certainly in most cases.


Where do they get all these telephone numbers from?


Just arrived and again a call. I am really surprised that this calls can be successful. Who is that?


Who could that be? And what do they want actually?


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Someone called my daughter's mobile phone and asked for me and my wife by our first names and something about a 2011 Ford taurus registered in our name. We have never had a Ford taurus and my daughter told the caller he had the wrong number. He hung up. The number has been blocked.